Gold artifacts gives you additional bonus, if you collect and equip complete set of different parts (head, pants etc).

  1. Set of the Astral -- Each round restores 10% of mana (from the current value)
  2. Set of the Necromancer -- Your first killed unit will be resurrected with 100% health
  3. Set of the Archmage -- 35% chance that any spell from the spell book will be casted twice
  4. Set of the Vampire -- Army gains the ability of vampirism 20%
  5. Set of the Inquisitor -- Army gains immunity to debuff spells
  6. Set of the Gladiator -- Army gains additional 2 counter-attacks
  7. Set of the Giant -- Cast the ice shield if unit health is below 50% (+20% of physical defence for 100 rounds)
  8. Set of the Assassin -- Army gains +1 to speed, +10% crit chance for each dead unit on the battlefield (including your own units)
  9. Set of the Shooter -- Your shooters get +50 attack. No penalty for long distance shots
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