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This wikia is about the game Elemental Heroes, by mPower Games. All cards and spells descriptions (all upgrades) are available here to help the humanity play this great game. Use links below or menu 'Elemental Heroes' above to browse wiki content.

Elemental Heroes - multiplatform online strategy game with turn based combats. “The best of HoMM3 or Disciples with MMO stuff”, as one of the players said.

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Fire Ice Nature Shadow


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Fighter Mage Scout


Fire Faction Cards
Imp - Fire Mage - Asp - Ifrit - Demoness - Fire Golem - Phoenix - Priestess - Illuminant - Hell Hound - Elemental - Balrog - Volcano - Red Dragon - Seraphim - Firebird
Ice Faction Cards
Frostling - Ice Eagle - Yeti - Varg - Snow Witch - Shaman - Mara - Zimova - Bars Rider - Ice Golem - Polar Bear - Kelpie - Ice Knight - Frost Giant - Snow Dragon - Frost
Nature Faction Cards
Monkey King - Minotaur - Firefly - Kirin - Basilisk - Griffin - Hydra - Cannibal - Trint - Satyr - Devourer - Dryad - Chimera - Fury - Green Dragon - Monkey Lord
Shadow Faction Cards
Dark Archer - Dark Guardian - Shadow Demon - Shadow Assassin - Shadow Gladiator - Shadow Spirit - Shadow Keeper - Fallen Angel - Death - Vampire - Leach - Horror - Dark Berserker - Dead King - Ghost Dragon - Dragon Slayer


Fire Faction Spells
Fireball - Haste - Fire shield - Inferno - Blind - Increase attack - Counterstrike - Armageddon
Ice Faction Spells
Frost strike - Slow - Ice shield - Frost ring - Block of ice - Defense - Magical barrier
Nature Faction Spells
Magic arrow - Roots - Forest spirits - Hail of arrows - Heal - Dispel bad - Might - Resurrect
Shadow Faction Spells
Shadow kick - Shadow haze - Don't shoot! - Ghosts - Weakness - Dispel good - Lightning


Artifact sets


Fighting in Elemental Heroes. Essentials Guide


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