FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the game Elemental Heroes

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Common Questions

1.1. How to contact tech support? Where can I ask a question? Where else can I read the information about the game?
In case of any technical problems, questions or requests, you can write an e-mail to tech support - Describe the essence of the problem. Be sure to include the name of the character, a platform (Android, iOS, Steam-PC, etc.), the date and time the problem occurred. No letter will be left without reaction, but sometimes (e.g., on weekends or holidays) response may be delayed (but you will get it for sure).

To get faster answers to your questions you can use in-game chat. Don’t be afraid to ask – it is an online game and there are enough experienced players who are ready to share their knowledge with you.

If you can not find answers to your questions in this FAQ (and wiki at whole) look for it at the official game site , Facebook group , Steam community hub , a group in VKontakte.

1.2. What are the differences between races? Which race to choose? Which is stronger?
Each race has a unique appearance of the character and its home (start) location. The character automatically receives all the spells of his race (once every 5 levels for free), as well as its 3 starting race cards with endless charges. Each race has its peculiarities: Nature - has the capability of healing, Shadow - different necromancy abilities, Ice - focuses on protection, and Fire - on attack. We cannot say that one race is stronger than the other, but for a certain game style (magic or melee combat, active assault or defensive stance, weakening the enemy or strengthening your character) one or another race is better.

Do not be afraid to choose the "wrong" race - the cards of other races can be easily looted or bought. The spells are also available in the store, so if you want to change army you can do it anytime and use any spells available. Moreover, you can mix the strongest cards of different races in one army.

1.3. What is the difference between classes? Which class to choose? Which is stronger?
The characters of each class have their own parameters, characteristics. A character's parameters affect the fighters (units), so the class plays a key role in choosing the tactics of battle: the Mage will have to place stake on the attacking spells (by improving them), the Fighter - on the strength of units. As for the class characteristics:
  • Fighter – has a lot of attack and defense, a little magical energy (mana), and magical power;
  • Mage – a little attack and defense, a lot of magical energy (mana), and magical power;
  • Scout (universal type, middle-class) - all parameters of average quality.
1.4. What is the maximum level of the character, cards upgrade, spells upgrade, warehouse-storage upgrade?
Maximum level:
  • Character (the hero) - 35 (it will increase; originally 50 levels were planned and even there are quests such as "To reach level 40", "To reach level 50". But temporarily there are only 35 levels for the players to find opponents of their level easier);
  • cards upgrade (units, fighters) - 15;
  • spells unpgrade (magic) - 4 (in some cases 2);
  • warehouse (storage of resources) upgrade - 15.
1.5. How can I recover/recharge mana?
  • Every 3 minutes (in non-battle mode) 10% of mana restores automatically, i.e., in 30 minutes all mana can be recovered, regardless of its amount (but only if you do not fight).
  • On the map of each location there are special wells (of purple color), where you can instantly restore mana unlimited number of times.
  • When you get a new level the mana is restored completely.
  • With premium account every fight begins with the full mana.
  • You can replenish 100% of your mana for 1 diamond by clicking the "plus" (+) next to the indicator of the mana bar at the top left. And this can be done both in the Lobby and on location, and in the battle (but only in the first round and before using the first spell).
1.6. How to increase the maximum mana amount?
  • The value of maximum mana depends on the character’s parameter - Knowledge (Knowledge multiplied by 10, i.e., if the Knowledge = 39, then mana amount = 390).
  • Parameter Knowledge increases with the level of the character. The Mage has higher value than that of the Scout, and the Scout - than that of a Fighter (i.e., leveling up the character you get more mana, and you can get even more - if you choose more "magic" class).
  • There are artifacts (wearable) with additional bonus on Knowledge (it means when you pick up and put on such artifacts you get more mana).
1.7. How to refill action points (energy)?
  • Every 5 minutes (or 30 seconds with active premium account) 1 unit of energy is automatically refilled.
  • The map of each location has objects that restore certain number of action points: campfire - 20%, cabin in the woods (tavern) - 50%, magic source (waterfall) - 100%.
  • For 1 diamond you can buy 10 units by clicking the "plus" (+) next to the action points indicator bar at the top left.
  • Use the gift of "energy" from friends (10 units, up to 5 gifts per day, for more details see "6.11. Friends, sending the resources and resource requests").
1.8. How to view the parameters of the hero/enemy units in the battle? What is "Spy" and How to spy?
  • At the top of the screen there are two information panels: on the one side is your own, on the other - the enemy’s. By clicking on them, you can see the corresponding parameters.
  • To view the characteristics of the unit (fighter), you need to click on it and hold down the left mouse button (or press and hold your finger on the touch screen).
  • The window displays such parameters: the base value, and in parentheses a current value (a total, taking into account the bonus of wearing artifacts, racial bonus, effects of imposed spell).
  • If the fight goes against another player (PvP, for details see "5.1. Is there a PvP mode? How to attack another player?"), only the base values are visible. To open the current values - you need to use the "Spy" button (at the bottom of the window with parameters). Spying costs 1 diamond and opens all the parameters current values until the end of the fight. In the battle with the monster all parameters current values are visible initially, so there is no need of spying and the button is inactive.
1.9. How should I fight to win?
The game has a lot of tricks and tactics, but it is more interesting to discover, invent and test them. You may start with a lot of useful information in the manual Fighting in Elemental Heroes. Essentials Guide.
1.10. How to obtain and collect more resources?
You can do it in several ways:
  • gather piles on the ground at the location;
  • visit some buildings (mills, sheds) once every 4 hours;
  • attack some buildings (the battlefield, warrior's tomb, crypt) every 24 hours;
  • visit dungeons in obelisks once every 24 hours (see "3.3. What is the obelisk (spire, monument) at the location and what it gives?");
  • get the passive income from the earlier captured mines on the locations every 6 hours (this income comes automatically, even if you do not stay in the game);
  • just entering the game every day (rising bonus for visiting the game 1-2-3-4-5 days in a row, and on the 5th day you can even get the diamonds);
  • as a reward for a successful fight (with a monster or another player);
  • completing quests, including daily ones ("dailies");
  • as gifts from friends, especially if a request was sent (for more details see "6.11. Friends, sending the resources and resource requests");
  • if the portals 1 and 2 are already entirely cleaned - you can reset them and re-gather resources (see "6.3. Portals reset"), or go to the third portal (see "6.4. 3rd portal");
1.11. Can I play on different platforms under one account?
  • Game is available on: Android, iOS, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, Facebook Gameroom), Mac (Steam), Linux (Steam);
  • by entering the e-mail + password, you can login on Android, iOS, Microsoft Store, Steam, Facebook Gameroom versions of the game;
  • through Facebook-account, you can login on Android, iOS, Steam and Facebook Gameroom;
  • having entered the e-mail + password you can add a Facebook-account and thus be able to enter the same account either with the e-mail, or via Facebook;
  • similarly, having entered in a way different from e-mail + password, you can add a e-mail + password;
  • Steam version of the game is available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms;
  • through VKontakte-account you can login on Android and iOS;
  • there is "Guest login", you do not need to specify neither e-mail + password, nor accounts for Facebook, VKontakte, Steam, but you can play the game with this device only and access to the account may be lost when reinstalling or deleting the game, so, if game progress is valuable to you, it is recommended to bind an e-mail + password or Facebook;
1.12. Why do I need friends in the game, how to add friends?
You can exchange gifts (resources, etc.) with friends. To see the friends list you can click on the icon with a handshake (Lobby, bottom right, over the settings icon). The only possible way to add and see friends is from the social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Steam). If you enter the game via e-mail (Android, iOS, Steam) you can link your Facebook-account in the game settings and then will be able to interact with friends. For details, see "6.11. Friends, sending the resources and resource requests".
1.13. Is there an auto-battle, a quick combat?
No. This too would simplify the creation of bots (programs, scripts which "play" instead of the player) and, accordingly, would lead to the emergence of many "cheaters" (players, that quickly levels up with the dishonest way).
1.14. Why I do not see (don’t receive) reward for a raid boss?
There are several reasons for this:
  • There are no rewards just for the fight against a raid boss (after the battle you will not see the rise of the experience, resources or artifacts), the reward is only sent when the raid boss will be defeated by joint efforts.
  • Immediately after the appearance of a raid boss, you attacked him once, found your name in the TOP30, and are ready to calm down. But, in fact, the battle continues as long as the boss is defeated (under his avatar the remaining number of health is shown).
  • You are forced out of TOP30 in the last moments of the battle with the boss: at this time the competition is the most severe, so yeah, it happens quite often.
  • You have got a reward, just have not found it. It is waiting for you in the in-game mail (envelope in the upper right corner in the Lobby).
  • You took the reward in the in-game mail, but did not open the item-box "gift", which appeared in your bag inventory.

To learn more see "6.9. The raid boss".

1.15. Can I transfer cards (artifacts, spells) to another character?
No, you can not. Cards, artifacts and spells cannot be transferred to another character (as created in the same account or to another account). This prevents theft, fraud and other abuses.
1.16. Is it possible to transfer resources to another character?
You can not give your own resources, but you can send a friend a gift with some resource 1 time a day (for more details see "6.11. Friends, sending the resources and resource requests").
1.17. Where can I find all loading screen hints (tips of the day)? They disappear too quickly!
  • Upgrade cards and spells in the lobby menu for a more comfortable game
  • Change army in the lobby window "Upgrade cards"
  • One race army gives good bonuses
  • Do not forget to improve the warehouses in which resources are stored
  • For comfortable transition to the second portal, you will need an army of 4-5 level units with 5-6 level upgrade
  • To avoid a strike back and inflict damage without penalty, take the archer away from the enemy, then attack
  • Visit the game every day and get diamonds for this
  • You can pay off from the battle and keep the whole army
  • Only in the third portal you can find unique cards
  • In the start locations of all races it is forbidden to attack players
  • Invite friends to play and you can receive free resources every day
  • You will get a bonus to protection if you end the unit's turn without moving
  • You can buy cards charges if they end
  • You can find cards charges on locations
  • Cards charges are much cheaper than a new card
  • It is much easier to find card charges if you already have such unit
  • You can refill your mana in the first round of combat before spells cast
  • If you killed all the enemies and didn't find the specific card, you can reset the portal and play again
  • Not enough resources? Reset the portal to gather all of its resources again
  • Leach does damage on the target and everyone around, except shadow race
  • Fire Mage attacks with a fireball the target and all around it
  • In the third portal there is a chest with diamonds, the first one who gets there will take it
  • Shaman may impose "Bloodlust" and the creature will do the most damage
  • If the archers attack very close they receive a penalty, reducing damage dealt by 50%
  • You may touch the screen and spread fingers to zoom in game screen
  • You may move screen contents with 2+ fingers while zoomed in

Cards (Fighters) and Spells (Magic)

2.1. Where can I get more cards (fighters)?
  • When you are fighting with monsters and win - you have a chance to get the corresponding card (from the loot), it will be seen as a reward in the results of combat window.
  • You can also buy cards at the shop for gold or diamonds.
  • The better the card is, the more difficult is to loot it, but it is absolutely possible to get all the cards for free (in fact, the top cards can’t be purchased in the shop).
2.2. How to add a fighter to the army, to remove it from the army or to replace it with another one? How to divide (split) the troops?
Cards (army) management is done in the "Upgrade cards" window (in the Lobby the big icon in the middle left, or you can simply click on any slot of the Army deck).
  • to remove the card from the Army deck - click on the icon (-) over it (minus);
  • to add a card into a free slot of Army deck - click below the card (in the list) on the "Add" button;
  • you cannot take two or more of the same card-fighters into the army (i.e. "to split troops" is impossible).
2.3. What are the charges and what are they for? Where can I get charges? Will the card upgrade remain, if the charges run out?
  • The charges of the card - the number of times the card can be "beaten" (being killed) in the battle (so called "the amount of lives", that is, it makes sense to fight so as not to make the coolest creatures die and thus save their charges).
  • If all the card charges are spent (red “0” at the bottom left of the card picture), then it will cease to appear on the battlefield as long as the charges are not replenished.
  • Charges can be recharged either by purchasing them for diamonds or looting from the corresponding monsters.
  • The chance to loot the existing cards charge from the monster is several times higher than the chance to loot the card itself (i.e. to loot the card for the first time is much harder than charges for it later).
  • All upgrades made are not lost, even with the loss of all charges (after replenishment of charges, the card will be available with all its upgrades).
  • The initial 3 units have endless charges thus you can not be left without army.
  • To purchase charges, click on the number displaying the current number of charges on the desired card (bottom left on the card picture) or "Buy" button under the card picture in the "Upgrade cards" window (in the Lobby a large icon in the middle left or you can simply click on any Army deck slot).
2.4. Can I sell unwanted/useless card charges?
No, you can not sell card charges. But be aware - many seemingly useless card charges can be very useful in certain situations (even some weak cards have unique useful features, which you may use even at high levels on the raid boss or in the PvP, e.g. the Monkey King heals, Shaman imposes Might, Shadow Demon dodges from attacks, Phoenix has a high speed and can resurrect with full health after the death, and so on. In addition, "unnecessary" cards can be used to clean-up locations without PvP shield to save charges of rare cards).
2.5. Where can I get more spells (magic)?
  • When the level of the character gradually increases you get (absolutely free) all the spells for race of your character.
  • Spells of other races you can buy at the shop for gold or diamonds.
2.6. How and why to upgrade the cards and spells?
  • You can upgrade cards (fighters) in the "Upgrade cards" window (in the Lobby a large icon in the middle left or you can simply click on any Army deck slot).
  • While upgrading the card (fighter) gets an increase in parameters-characteristics (the changes can be seen even before the upgrade - there are green numbers in the right box), and thus becomes stronger in battle.
  • For upgrading the cards the resources are spent, so there is a dilemma: to upgrade the weak card more times or to keep resources, loot the stronger card and then upgrade it. We advise you not to be taken with the upgrading of weak cards.
  • To upgrade spells (magic) go to the "Upgrade spells" (in the Lobby a big icon on the bottom left).
  • While upgrading the spell its effect increases (more damage, healing, plus to your own parameters or minus to the enemy’s parameters), or sometimes its duration (number of rounds the effect lasts), and the main thing - on the maximum level of upgrade some spells become massive (i.e., they apply to all your or enemy fighters).
  • Important (!), upgraded spell costs more mana points (MP), so you need to think twice before doing it (the existing maximum amount of MP between Fighter and Mage differs greatly). If a player doesn’t have enough MP to use the upgraded spell, the upgrade will be blocked to prevent the waste of resources.
  • After spell upgrade the old and the new version both are available in the Spell Book (and depending on the situation it is possible to select any variant). If you see only the highest upgrade - then in a checkbox the option "Show max upgrade spells only" is ticked off (bottom right in the Spell Book).
  • The spells’ effect (damage, healing) depends not only on upgrade but also on the Spell Power parameter. That is why even the upgraded damage spell of the Fighter will be worse than the unupgraded of the Mage. For the Mage it is vital to upgrade the spells. While the Fighter should upgrade the army and spells to strengthen it (Haste, Defense, etc.). The Spell Power parameter increases with the level of character and may be additionally increased by putting on some artifacts.
2.7. Where can I get more powerful (the most powerful) creatures (cards)?
Each card (creature) has 2 main indicators: the level (tier, unchangeable characteristic of the card) and upgrade (level of upgrade, initially 1 and it increases when the card is upgraded). In the 1st portal there are creatures with level-tier 1-5 (and 6 in green obelisks), in the 2nd portal - 6-10 (11 in green obelisks), in the 3rd portal (on the second location) there are bosses - 11-13, in the Lobby there are raid bosses - 12, 14 and 15. For example, Leach (level-tier 11 of Shadow race) can be looted in the obelisk in the 2nd portal or as a boss in the 3rd portal, Dryad (level-tier 12 of Nature race) - is a small raid boss in the Lobby or the boss in the 3rd portal.
2.8. I have seen the cards "Frost", "Firebird", "Monkey Lord" and "Dragon Slayer". What kind of cards are they and how can I get them?
These are special cards, which could be obtained from the New Year raid bosses. Also you can get them from Card Booster (buy at the shop, get as arena reward) with a small chance.
2.9. What is racial bonus? Can I take "foreign" creatures? Or this will be penalized?
  • The racial bonus is activated when the army consist of 5 active (with non-zero charge) cards of one race. For example, 5 Fire fighters in the army give you fiery racial bonus.
  • When your racial bonus is active there is an icon of the corresponding race during the battle (at the top, under the character’s name box), and also on the left of the army-deck in the Lobby.
  • Different races have different sets of bonuses (for example, Fire has bonus on Attack and Ice - on Defense). In addition the bonus value increases with the level of the character. Read more on the pages of races description: Fire, Ice, Nature, Shadow.
  • Specific values ​​of the current bonus can be viewed on the above mentioned icon in the tooltip (to see the tooltip keep the mouse cursor over a icon on PC or press your finger on the touch screen and wait a bit).
  • Regardless of the character's race (chosen when you created a character) you can gather an army of creatures of any race and get the appropriate racial bonus (i.e., you get a bonus from the army you use, not from the character's race).
  • If there are different races mixed in the army, the only "penalty" is the lack of racial bonus.
2.10. Why do my card charges disappear?
Card charges can be gone only if the card dies in battle or if you surrender or flee from the battle or from the 3rd portal without payment for saving the charges. Or probably you can have left the character on location or in queue to the third portal, then left the application (not through the doors icon, so the server did not have time to determine that you've gone and continued to expect a response for about a minute), and you've been attacked or a system picked you an opponent for the third portal, hence possibly that was how your charges were lost. To avoid this in future - before closing the game, always go from the location to the Lobby, and even better to the list of characters (the icon "door" in the lower left corner of the screen).
2.11. Why the cards higher than 8th level or raid bosses doesn't drop for me?
This phenomenon is called the Great Korean (Chinese) Random. Its essence lies in the fact that the probability of success or failure in certain situations begin to cluster. For example, when the chance of success is 50%, we can get 10 failures in a row, but then - 10 successes in a row. As a result, if we take and recalculate the statistics for 1000 attempts, we see our 50% success rate. The same phenomenon arises when trying to loot a desired card. It won’t take much time for most of the players to loot any card. The higher the level of the card, the more difficult is to loot it, so it takes more time. However, in some special cases, the miracles of good or bad luck can happen. We had cases where the raid boss card could not be looted for a very long time, and quite the opposite - when players managed to loot it on the first try. But extreme cases are rather rare, most players are lucky to be somewhere in the middle.
2.12. What does it mean when one card (fighter) hates another card (fighter)?
If an attacking fighter hates a goal (some cards have this feature, e.g. Snow Witch hates Priestess), the damage is increased by 50%.

A lot of useful information on the calculation of damage, turns priority and other features of conducting a combat can be found in the manual "Fighting in Elemental Heroes. Essentials Guide".

Portals and Location

3.1. What is the difference between portals 1, 2 and 3?
Portals 1 and 2 are similar (and in both there are 2 locations of each race, a total of 8), but in the 2nd portal the creatures are stronger and to enter it the character should be at least of 10th level. But the third portal differs significantly, for more details see "6.4. 3rd portal".
3.2. What does the color of the teleport portal on the map mean?
The color of teleport portal corresponds to the race of the location to which it leads: red - fire, blue - ice, green - nature, violet - shadow.
3.3. What is the green obelisk (spire, monument) at the location and what it gives?
Green obelisk - a point of entry into the mini-dungeon with more powerful creatures (cards or charges of which can be looted), piles of resources and a chest of gold and an artifact. Obelisks are situated at all locations other than the initial for some races (i.e. 4 obelisks in the first portal and 4 - in the second). Each of these obelisks can be visited every 24 hours (or more often, because if you reset a portal - the timers will reset, too, for more details see "6.3. Portals Reset").
3.4. It is impossible to clean (pass) portal at 100%, why?
This means that you have missed something. Probably did not kill the creature. It could be Basilisk ("lizard") on a Nature ("green") location or Imp on Fire ("lava"). Refer to "6.3. Portals Reset".
3.5. If I move from the 1st portal to the 2nd, will I loose the captured mines (reset buildings)?
No. When you move from the 1st portal to the 2nd (or vice versa) only your current position is lost (when you return you will be on the starting area of ​​your race). Sometimes it can be convenient in the situation when you are lost or the enemy is chasing you. Concerning captured mines, timers on buildings (fires, mills, sheds, crypts, etc.), killed monsters, collected bunches of resources - everything can be reseted (restored to its original form) only when you reset the portal (see "6.3. Portals reset"). As for the 3rd portal - your visit to it does not affect the portals 1 and 2 (see "6.4. 3rd portal").
3.6. Will I loose captured mines when resetting the portal?
Yes, resetting the portal leads to a complete rollback of the situation until the "first enter to the portal", so captured mines (of this portal) are lost and need to be captured again. Refer to "6.3. Portals reset".
3.7. Why didn’t the mini-map work? Is there a map of portals?
Mini-map was planned, but not yet implemented (because pretty soon you will realize that it is easy enough to play without it - because the locations are relatively small and you can quickly move the camera on location without moving the character).

The way the portal maps are connected is also quite simple and logical. The portal has 2 locations of each race-elements, a total of 8. Each location is connected with 2 or 3 neighbors, the color of the teleport corresponds to the elements: red - Fire, blue - Ice, green - Nature, violet - Shadow. The locations can be of two types - starting and the second with green obelisk and stronger monsters). In any case, you can follow the example of some players and draw a sketch map, e.g. "Map of the 1st portal" and "Map of the 2nd portal", "Portal 2 Map (Part 1)" and "Portal 2 Map (Part 2)".


4.1. Is it possible to play without in-app purchases (paying real money)?
Yes, you can get absolutely everything in the game without investing any money. Moreover, the player can not purchase the strongest card (bosses) and artifacts. So you can either invest your time in the game, or using the in-app purchases save your efforts. And everyone can choose individually the best combination of time and spent money.
4.2. Where to get the diamonds?
  • diamonds are given as a reward for the completing of many quests;
  • there is a special type of quests called daily ("dailies"), which can be done every day, and each time you complete the quest you get diamonds;
  • entering the game every day you obtain a rising bonus on resources and on the 5th day you get five diamonds in addition to bonus resources;
  • in the 3rd portal (PvP version) there is a chest with a diamond on the second location. The first one to open it will get the diamond. In addition, there are diamonds as a reward for victory over the boss (see "6.4. 3rd portal");
  • another way of getting diamonds - raid bosses. The players who get into the top 10, top 20, top 30 (at the time of the death of a raid boss) receive the award, which includes diamonds (see "6.9. The raid boss");
  • on a mobile platforms (Android, iOS) you can watch rewarded video (ads, commercial) and obtain diamonds;
  • and of course you can always buy diamonds for real money.
4.3. What should I do if I paid the money, but diamonds hadn’t appeared (purchased Steam DLC had not applied)?
In case of problems with payments (if within an hour after a successful payment the diamonds will not appear in the game, and restart of the game did not help), please contact the technical support -, be sure to include the name of the character, a platform (Android, iOS, Steam-PC, etc. n.), date of the transaction and send an email with the code of the transaction from the payment system. After a thorough check all paid diamonds (or Steam DLC) will be applied and appear in the game. Moreover you will get a compensation for technical problems and inconvenience.
4.4. Why do I need diamonds?
Diamonds are used to:

Also as an alternative to other methods, the diamonds can be used for:

4.5. Why didn't I get the diamonds that were shown in the daily reward?
In the daily reward window at the top you see the today's reward, and a little lower and smaller - reward for tomorrow. Most likely you've seen the diamonds at the bottom (tomorrow's reward) and decided that you should have received them today, so do not forget to go tomorrow and pick up your long-awaited diamonds.
4.6. Why do my diamonds disappear?
Diamonds can not disappear for no reason. Please note that card upgrades above the 9th-level demand diamonds, thus possibly your "missing" diamonds have been spent on upgrading the cards. Perhaps the diamonds have been spent and in any other way, for more details see "4.4. Why do I need diamonds?".

PvP (battles against other players)

5.1. Is there a PvP game? How to attack another player?
  • PvP (player versus player, fighting with other players) is possible at all locations other than the initial in the first portal (each race has its own starting area, so at 4 locations of the first portal it is prohibited to attack other players; the hint is the green steeple-obelisk, if it is absent on the location - it is the initial, safe location, if there is one - you can attack).
  • On the map of locations on the right side of the screen (below the mini-map), there is a list of players who are on this location at the moment, by clicking on any of them, you can attack him (the option "Attack" appears). If you turned off (hid) this panel, you must first click on the arrow and deploy it.
  • If the "Attack" button is not available (has gray color), you can see the reason in the tooltip (to see the hint - you need to move the mouse cursor to a button on the computer or press your finger on the touch screen and wait a bit).
  • You can attack a player whose level is different from yours no more than 3 (+-3 levels, i.e. having 10th level, you can attack the player with a level from 7 to 13; players with too small level are displayed gray, and too high - red).
  • You can not attack a player who is already in the battle (there is an icon with the crossed red swords on the left of the nickname in the list).
  • You can not attack a player who bought a PvP shield (protection from attack, the icon in the form of a shield on the left of the nickname in the list, see details "6.7. PvP shield, protection against attack, anti-PvP shield").
  • If a player is suitable in level and PvP rank (optimal opponent) his nickname is displayed on a green background.
  • In addition to the attacks on the locations you can fight other players in the 3rd portal (for more details see "6.4. 3rd portal").
5.2. What is the point in PvP? What is it for?
  • When fighting with other players you can test your forces (army, spells and tactics) and enjoy the interesting fight (fighting against computer opponents sooner or later wears you down with monotony, while live players - are an inexhaustible source of unconventional tactics and unexpected actions).
  • There is a PvP rating - an indicator of success, prestige and power. When you win you earn PvP rating and respectively when you lose your rating will decrease; for more details see "6.6. PvP rating, PvP rank".
  • Also for PvP you get certain amount of experience and resources.
  • Victory in PvP - is one of the daily quests ("dailies"), with which you can earn diamonds (see "4.2. Where to get the diamonds?")
  • And what is the most important - a victory in PvP in the 3rd portal gives you the opportunity to get the coolest gold artifacts (see "6.1. Artifacts").
5.3. What if I do not want to PvP, I am not interested in PvP, but I am constantly being attacked?
This is a PvP-oriented game, so the battles between players are an important part of it, however there are some tricks and opportunities to avoid the attack or minimize losses. Here they are:
  • You can be attacked only on locations, so you should not spend more time there than necessary (in other words, going out to the kitchen for tea - always go out to the Lobby).
  • Being on locations, look attentively at the list of players (as you can be attacked only by someone from this list): is there someone of your level +-3, is there someone who has already attacked you (if not - you can run around safely, if yes - you can quickly "hide" in the Lobby and go to another portal or wait until he leaves).
  • If you do not care about the loss of PvP rating, the only thing you risk losing the attack - cards charges and time. In combat, you can surrender and lose your card charges, or pay off for gold or diamonds and save charges. So if the battle has no chance to success you can save time and charges. And if you just go around the mills or tents and gather resources, you can put an army of three starting cards with endless charges and do not be afraid of the loss of charges (in case you need to fight against weak monsters - you can use the "unnecessary" cards that have a lot of spare charges).
  • After all, you can buy PvP shield (see "6.7. PvP shield, protection against attack, anti-PvP shield"). Yes, it has to be bought for diamonds, and though there is a question - is it profitable? But if the charges of cool cards run out, you will also have to buy them for diamonds (or you can certainly loot them but it takes more time). Consequently, it may be cheaper (easier) to give a bit of diamonds (PvP shield is not too expensive and its effect lasts the whole day) and avoid other expenses, plus get protection and stay calm while playing.

Lobby screen, a description of the functionality


Screenshot of Lobby with tips.

6.1. Artifacts
  • Wear artifacts on your character and get various bonuses. To put on the artifact - you need to drag it out of the bag into the slot on the character’s paperdoll or double-click on it.
  • How to get the artifacts?
  • Artifacts have a requirement to the level of the character, it is displayed at the bottom right of the icon (red color indicates that character’s level is less than required for wearing it, this artifact can not be equiped until the level of the character will be increased).
  • Artifacts fall with a random number of bonuses and values ​​(i.e., even artifacts with the same icon and name may significantly differ from one another in bonuses and their values).
  • More information about the artifact can be seen in the tooltip (to see it - move the mouse cursor to the icon on the computer or press your finger on the touch screen and wait a bit).
  • Artifacts have four series (types, colours) of quality: white, green, blue and gold. White - the most simple. Gold - the cool ones, the best.
  • Unnecessary artifact can be sold for a certain amount of gold. Its selling price depends on the level, series, bonuses and the current durability. To sell the artifact - drag it to the icon with gold coins at the bottom right in the Inventory window (or vice versa, the icon with gold coins on the artifact you want to sell). To protect against the accidental mistake during the sale of blue and gold artifacts, the system requires to enter the "code" (to type the selling price of gold, which is displayed in the same window).
  • All dressed artifacts lose 1 point of durability after each battle.
  • If the durability has reached 0, the artifact no longer gives bonuses.
  • Broken artifacts (with 0 durability) can be repaired in the Inventory window (the icon with the hammer and the anvil at the bottom right or drag the artifact to it, or this icon to the artifact) or sold for 0 gold.
  • In the Inventory (under the character’s paperdoll) the current values ​​of the parameters of the character and all the bonuses are displayed.
  • A special kind of artifact called "gift" ("box") is not intended for wearing, you can open it by double-clicking on ​​it.
  • Gold artifacts give additional bonus if a full set is collected and put on.
  • Gold artifacts can only be obtained by defeating an opponent (human) in PvP variant of the 3rd portal.
6.2. Inventory
Inventory window can be opened in the Lobby (large icon at the top right, under the "envelope"). In the inventory window, you can:
  • view the available artifacts and active bonuses;
  • put on or remove artifacts;
  • open gifts artifacts ("boxes");
  • repair or sell artifacts;
  • buy an additional bag ("+" button behind the number of the last bag);
  • switch from the main character paperdoll to the additional (only with active premium account). Additional character paperdoll allows you to prepare and quickly switch between 2 sets of dressed artifacts (e.g., for portals farming and for fighting with the raid boss, or for PvP and PvE, or for fighting against fighters and mages).
6.3. Portals reset
  • You can reset a portal when a progress bar (above the portal) shows 60% or more, only then the "Reset" button is available.
  • Progress bar of the portal takes into account only killed creatures, it WON’T count: uncaptured mines, uncollected resources, unvisited tombs or undiscovered "fog of war".
  • More information on the progress can be seen in the tooltip (to see it - move the mouse cursor to the icon on the computer or press your finger on the touch screen and wait a bit), for example, "Killed 35 of 194 creatures".
  • Accordingly, if progress is stuck at 99% then you need to look for not killed creature (most likely missed Basilisk ("lizard") on the green location or Imp on fire).
  • When you reset the portal the captures mines (of the portal) will be lost and you need to capture them again. The reset leads to a rollback of the situation before the first enter to the portal, everything is completely restored: earlier collected piles of resources and killed mobs reappears again, everything is covered again with fog of war, resets all timers on mills, tents, graves, tombs, obelisks and campfires.
  • It makes sense to reset portals to re-gather resources, get rewards for fighting and looting cards or their charges. In addition, it is possible to achieve better allocation of resources of the mines (in the 2nd portal there are many "abandoned mines", what kind of resource they will bring is determined randomly every time you capture a mine).
6.4. 3rd portal
There are 2 versions of the 3rd portal:
  • The PvE (single passing mode). The entrance price is 1 diamond. You enter immediately. You have 12 minutes to get to the teleport to the next location where a powerful creature (Boss) will be waiting for you. Kill the boss and get resources, artifact, a chance to loot a card or charge of the boss card and 1 diamond (2 if you have active premium account).
  • The PvP (multiplayer mode). There is no entrance fee, but you can enter only together with another player (the system selects a suitable opponent with coinciding level and PvP rank). If there is no such opponent at the moment you have to wait a bit, after a while the search is extended to +-3 levels and neighboring PvP ranks). The first one who gets to the second location, has the opportunity to take one diamond from the chest and must wait for the opponent. If the opponent does not get to the portal in 12 minutes or is defeated by the creatures that protect the passage, the boss will appear; otherwise you need to beat the other player and get the right to fight with a boss. With a victory over another player there is a chance to loot a unique golden artifact, and in case of beating the boss you can get 1-3 diamonds (2-6 if you have active premium account), resources, artifact, a chance to loot a card or charge of the boss card).

Upon entering the 3rd portal the player always gets a certain amount of action points (energy) and full mana, no matter how much mana and energy you have in the Lobby (i.e., even if you have spent all the action points in the game - it is still possible to go to the third portal unlimited number of times).

Enter to the 3rd portal (the PvP mode) is possible only with the army of 5 combat-ready (with non-zero charge) creatures, the total level of which is at least 40 (e.g., 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 9 = 41 or 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = 40). We are talking not about the level of upgrade, but about the innate immutable level - tier, for example, Imp has 1, Vampire - 10.

6.5. Shop
A shop window is situated in the Lobby (a big icon on the top left, under the list of tasks). You need shop to:
  • buy diamonds for real money;
  • purchase new cards (unlocking fighters) for gold or diamonds (limited by the level of the character, plus all of them can be looted for free, but if you want them right now and have no luck at getting them you may buy them);
  • purchase spells of other races for gold or diamonds (limited by the level of your character, note that all the spells of your race will be received automatically and free of charge upon reaching specified levels);
  • purchase booster packs ("box" from which random artifacts or cards drop);
  • exchange resources, if there is a shortage of one resource and at the same time an excess of the other - you can convert a some of the second - into the first (of course, for not very favorable rate, so it is rather a measure of last resort for extreme cases).
6.6. PvP rating, PvP rank
  • PvP rating can only be gained or lost in the battles with other players (of +-3 level and -+1 rank). Note that on the locations of the 1st and 2nd portal anyone can attack the player of the appropriate level with any rank, but if your ranks differ more than in one step, you will not gain and lose the PvP rankings. For your convenience the competitors with a suitable rank are listed on a green background;
  • PvP rating is considered separately for each of the three portals;
  • new PvP rank is obtained when PvP rating falls into the following ranges: 0-999 Without rank, 1000-2499 Soldier, 2500-4999 Warrior, 5000-9999 Destroyer, 10000-19999 Assassin, 20000-39999 Butcher, 40000-79999 General, 80000+ Master;
  • view your and others' PvP rating and PvP rank in the Lobby in the "PvP rating" window (a big icon in the middle on the right of the screen), switch tabs at the top to select the portals;
  • in future PvP ranks will be rewarded, but yet - it's just prestige, plus it effects on the selection of opponents in the 3rd portal.
6.7. PvP shield, protection against attack, anti-PvP shield
  • PvP shield gives 24-hours protection from the attack of other players on the locations of the 1st and 2nd portals (it does not work in the 3rd portal);
  • each new character automatically receives PvP shield, i.e. the first 24 hours it is fully protected against attacks (while he is learning how to play the game and levels up);
  • buy PvP shield in the Lobby or at the location, at the bottom left, above the "door"( "Exit") button. The cost depends on the level of the character;
  • Be careful, when attacking another player your existing PvP shield is removed before its term ends<u> (it does not apply to the third portal).
6.8. Income, mines, resource warehouses
  • each captured mine brings resources 4 times per day (i.e. every 6 hours);
  • captured mines bring resources even if the player is not in the game, thus giving a stable passive income and allowing to accumulate resources more quickly;
  • the number of captured mines of each type and the total daily income can be found in the "Income" window (the button is located in the Lobby, at the bottom right over the "gears" and "handshake" button);
  • at the same window you can upgrade the storage box (warehouse) for each type of resource;
  • if the warehouse is not upgraded and you save the resources, sooner or later the warehouse will be full and the accumulation of resources will stop (upstairs in the resource panel the number will be displayed in red). So you have either to upgrade the warehouse or to exchange-convert the excess amount of one resource into another in the Shop.
6.9. The raid boss
  • to the right of the chat there is the raid boss icon, when you click on it you will be asked to choose a raid boss;
  • at the moment there are 3 raid bosses: small (for levels 10-20), large (for levels 20-35) and very large (for levels 30-35);
  • in the selected raid boss window the basic rules are described (only the damage to the boss is taking into account; the damage is counted at the moment when the fight ends, no matter was it victory or defeat for you; the damage from several fights is summed, more fights - higher place, the first ten has a chance to get a card or charge of the boss);
  • the raid boss has a certain amount of health (scale with % under the icon), the players should jointly kill him (to bring health to 0);
  • if raid boss is not killed in 24 hours - it will go undefeated and no one will receive the award;
  • every battle against the raid boss is worth 50 action points (to be precise 60 for very large boss, 50 for large boss and 40 for small one), and therefore, to spend a few fights in a row, we have to visit the places at the location, which restore action points (campfire - 20%, cabin in the woods (tavern) - 50%, magic source (waterfall) - 100%);
  • to enter the fight against raid boss you must have an army of five combat-ready (with nonzero card charges) creatures;
  • immediately after each fight with the raid boss, there is no reward, regardless of the outcome (win, lose, fled, bought off), there will be no experience, no resources, no artifacts, the reward will be only at the moment when the players together kill raid boss;
  • if players have killed raid boss, the top ten get a "Rare Gift" (blue), the second ten (11-20 places) - "Valuable Gift" (green) and the third ten (21-30 places) - "Simple Gift" (white), and those who take 31 place and farther - do not get anything, so get ready for a tough competition for a place and for top ten;
  • the gifts are sent to the in-game mail ("envelope" at the top right in the Lobby), where they need to be taken, and then they get into your inventory, to open - double-click on them;
  • all gifts give a certain amount of diamonds (the better the gift - the more) and artifacts (blue gift gives blue artefact, green - green, white - white), besides blue gift gives a chance to get a boss card or its charge;
  • after killing a raid boss an icon with a skull will appear and the countdown until the new raid boss will be switched on.
6.10. Ingame mail
  • in the Lobby at the upper right of the screen, there is the "envelope". When there is no incoming messages ("letters") - it is gray, otherwise - it is bright and can be pressed;
  • when pressed - the window "Messages" opens, the essence of the message can be seen on the list and you can accept or reject it;
  • messaging options: the reward for the raid boss, the resources from a friend, a resource request from a friend, bought DLC on Steam, the Administration sent a reward, gift or compensation;
  • The message has a lifetime (as a rule - 7 days), after which the message will be removed, so do not delay the acceptance of gifts.
6.11. Friends, sending the resources and resource requests
  • to switch to the friends list go to the Lobby screen and use the "handshake" bottom (on the bottom right, above the "gearwheel" with settings);
  • if the button "handshake" is gray and can not be pressed - so friends list is not available;
  • friends can be only available from social networks (Facebook, Steam, VKontakte), i.e. you should either enter through these social networks or link Facebook account to your e-mail account in the settings (available for Android, iOS, Steam);
  • in the friends list there are avatars of your friends from the social network, who installed (run, entered) the game;
  • to send or request a gift, you must click on the avatar of your friend, in the opened window choose a gift and click "Send gift" or "Ask gift";
  • when sending a gift nothing will be taken away from you (for example, you send the resource wood and is not subtracted from your existing wood), so feel free to present gifts to your friends;
  • send, receive and request no more than 5 gifts per day (5 sent + 5 requests + 5 accepted);
  • received gift or request will appear in your friend’s in-game mail ("envelope" at the top right in the Lobby).
6.12. Settings
  • to enter the settings, click on the gears icon in the lower right corner (available in Lobby, on location and in the battle);
  • such settings are available:
    • the preferred language of the game - Russian/English;
    • toggle fullscreen/window mode and change game resolution (for PC versions);
    • adjust the volume of music and sound (separately until the complete switch off);
    • enable faster movement and attack animation for creatures in battle (makes gameplay much faster);
    • enable power saving mode (matters for mobile platforms and laptops);
    • link Facebook-account (for Android, iOS, Steam versions) and e-mail + password (all versions and login not with e-mail);
    • change game name and avatar (if you have auto-generated name like "Player_1234567", first name changing is free).
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