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Shadow element is a in-game race. It is specialized in doing spell damage and casting debuffs, so this is a good choice for Mage or Scout.


Tier Name Attack Movement Ability
1 Dark Archer Range Ground Attacks twice
2 Dark Guardian Melee Ground -40% incoming physical damage
3 Shadow Demon Melee Flying 30% attack dodge chance
4 Shadow Assassin Melee Ground Do not get hit back
5 Shadow Gladiator Melee Ground Always counterattacks. Hates 'Cannibal'
6 Shadow Spirit Range Ground Drains 5% mana from enemy and gives the owner
7 Shadow Keeper Melee Ground 40% spell dodge chance. Hates 'Satyr'
8 Fallen Angel Melee Flying Attacks twice
9 Death Melee Flying Ability to resurrect shadow units. Hates 'Dryad'
10 Vampire Melee Flying Draws vitality (adds 50% damage to its health). Responds twice for the attack
11 Leach Melee Range Damages all around the attacked target (except shadow units)
12 Horror Melee Ground Ignores 50% of target's defense
13 Dark Berserker Melee Ground Increases damage by 2 times, if health is less than 20%
14 Dead King Melee Ground 40% chance to deal double damage. Responds twice for the attack
15 Ghost Dragon Melee Flying Shadow negative spells immune. Cast 'Fear' on the target: the enemy deals 50% less physical damage

Bonus Cards

Tier Name Attack Movement Ability
13 Dragon Slayer Range Ground Attacks twice. Hates dragons. No penalty for long distance shots


Unlock level Name Description
1 Shadow kick Inflicts damage to the enemy
5 Shadow haze Increases dodge chance
10 Don't shoot! Prohibits ranged attack
15 Ghosts Deals massive damage to all in the affected area
20 Weakness Reduces enemy unit attack
25 Dispel good Removes positive spells from the enemy
30 Lightning A lightning strike at the enemy

Racial bonuses

If all of your 5 cards in deck are Shadow - your army will get Shadow Race Bonus

Level Bonuses
1-9 Spell damage: +4%, Negative spells: +1 round, Mana draining: 3%, Attack dodge chance: +5%
10-19 Spell damage: +6%, Negative spells: +1 round, Mana draining: 4%, Attack dodge chance: +7%
20-29 Spell damage: +8%, Negative spells: +1 round, Mana draining: 5%, Attack dodge chance: +9%
30-35 Spell damage: +10%, Negative spells: +2 rounds, Mana draining: 6%, Attack dodge chance: +11%
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